German Film Crew at the Begnaud House

Last Friday night, February 25, 2011, a film crew from the German station ARD, a public service channel (like our PBS) in Saarländischer Rundfunk, Saarbrücken, Germany, was at the Begnaud House filming Cajun culture at its best. The house was full of locals watching and listening to their famous musicians as the film crew filmed the event.

Karl Tauschl, reporter for ARD, told me that he produces one major piece a year for ARD in Germany. This year he wanted to do a story on the life and events in Louisiana that he had heard about for so many years. The crew is in Louisiana for two weeks, capturing local culture and heritage events, and finishing up in New Orleans for Mardi Gras, before heading back to Germany on Ash Wednesday.

The Begnaud House was bursting at the seams as the locals were asked to squeeze in the kitchen area for filming purposes, to hear musicians such as DL Menard, Don Montoucet plus 25 others. Mr. DL sang his famous song, “The Back Door” as the other musicians backed him up.  Karl Tauschl thought this was very special that most Cajun singers today learn Mr. DL’s famous song.

Before leaving for the evening, the film crew sampled some local food such as, Alligator Sauce Picante, rice and other local dishes. They all thought it was very good and spicy.

This was truly another first for the Begnaud House for having so many musicians, local people, and food for a Friday Night Jammin’ On the Porch. After the film crew left, some of the musicians moved outside to play on the porch because it was so crowded inside the house. So, there were two jam sessions going on at the same time, with food outside in the pavilion and people enjoying the evening. I heard someone say that they wished someone took a count of how many people attended this eventful evening.

Karl Tauschl said this special will air on ARD in Germany and Austria sometime after the New Year. He also assured Ms Redell Miller, City of Scott Tourism Coordinator, that she will receive a copy of the finished project. Can’t wait.

Terry Montoucet explains what is in the pot to the visiting German film crew.
ARD German film crew Karl Teuschl reporter on left, Peter Sengotta sound man middle, and Aiken Weiss camera man right, discussed what they needed for the shot.
Seen here is German film crew sound man Peter Senjotta, checking the sound level during the filming, while camera man Aiken Weiss in the back ground was filming.
DL Menard is getting a microphone hooked up from sound man Peter Senjotta before filming.
Smells good, so lets eat.
Smells good, so lets eat.
Great night at the Begnaud House
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