Grand Revéil Acadien to Awaken Louisiana
by Theresa Rohloff

In 2009, Louisiana lost its bid to host the Congrès Mondial Acadien 2014.   Acadia Land and Forests, an area that spans from Aroostook, Maine in the US to Temiscouata and Quebec counties in Canada, was chosen by the selection committee.  Some in Acadiana have not rested since, working tirelessly to introduce an interim “mini” Congrés to our area.  Their work becomes a reality with the kickoff of ten days of Grand Revéil Acadien -- “the Grand Awakening” a multi-regional Acadian celebration – to begin in New Orleans on October 7. 

Besides New Orleans, participating cities include Houma, Thibodaux, Lake Charles, Abbeville, Maurice, New Iberia, St. Martinville, Scott and many more, with a grand finale in Lafayette, where the celebration combines with Festival Acadiens in Girard Park.  Lafayette officially welcomes busloads of international delegations and tourists participating in the organized event on Thursday, October 13 with a free, all-day agenda for FÊTE DE FAMILLE centered at the Cajundome Convention Center.
Le Jumelage de Scott has been involved in the early stages of Grand Revéil Acadien, along with other city groups that have established “twin city” alliances in Canada and France.

The City of Scott introduced the “Tintemarre” to Louisiana, in 2007 -- the summer its centennial celebration.  Le Jumelage de Scott has repeated the parade every year since.  On Sunday, October 16, the Scott group will lead its “Tintemarre” through Girard Park, at 11 AM, from two venues meeting at the main music stage, along with a procession of Abbeville omelette chefs.  This follows the 10 AM French Mass that takes place near where Lewis Street joins the UL campus side of Girard Park.  At 2:30 PM, the Grand Parade Procession will include Courir du Mardi Gras, Me-Carёme, Guillonnée, Tintamarre and youth participants in the Grand Revéil Acadien camp parading through the park.

Mark your calendar and join the celebration.  The program has been funded by the State of Louisiana and Lafayette Consolidated Government.  For more information about the complete program, visit on the internet or call the Lafayette Convention and Visitors Commission at 232-3737.

Le Jumelage de Scott held Louisiana’s first “Tintamarre” in 2007. Expect to hear a lot of noise and see colorful banners as the group leads a procession at Girard Park as part of the Grand Revéil Acadien finale of the 10-day event.
Leading up to the many activities planned near Lafayette, the Scott Historical and Geneology Society invited Bill Arcenaux (standing center), author of “No Spark of Malice,” to address the group.  Arceneaux will be among the many historians, dignitaries and celebrities at the Cajundome Convention Center on Thursday, October 13, to welcome international tourists and begin our area’s participation through October 16.