Before heading to the Superdome, undefeated Acadiana High School football team demoralized the Destrehan Wildcats with a 35-7 win. The night was miserably cold and the Wreckin’ Rams performance showed off their stamina. Their strength was confirmed beyond a doubt in the Superdome where the Wreckin’ Rams beat their scoring record and that of the LHSAA championship for points and rushing, downing Bossier City’s Parkway Panthers 77-41.

Early in the Prep Classic game a flag was flown, reminding some fans of the rocky start against Destrehan Wildcats when penalties against the Rams were being called in rapid succession followed by a Wildcat touchdown and extra point. At that game, the Rams dug in, answering with their own touchdown, and while that extra-point kick was blocked, the Rams successfully executed a two-point conversion on their next touchdown and never looked back. There was no stopping the Rams once they got their tempo going.

That cadence carried into the championship game. The early flag ended up being against Parkway and before the Panthers ever scored, the Rams racked 14 points. The Cormier brothers #s 10 and 20, Elija Leday #34 and Donovan Solomon #28, each added over 140 yards rushing that night and the team made a huge mark on the recordbook of LHSAA championship games.  A stellar offense and tough defense combined to make a huge win and the team's third state championship title.

At the victory party in Scott's Entertainment Center, the team was awarded with new state title championship signs for its stadium with promise that room would be left for a fourth state win.  Dr. Pat Cooper made a point of congratulating the team, also, while encouraging everyone to be all-around champions in school.

Wreckin' Rams Win State Title for 2013